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What is it? Asphalt is a mixture of about 95% aggregate (stone, gravel, sand) and 5% asphalt cement (liquid binder derived from crude oil refining.)

How is it made?

Rock, sand and asphalt binder are mixed together at an asphalt plant according to a specified mix design (kind of like a recipe for cooking)



The Romans used asphalt to seal baths, reservoirs and aqueducts.  Moses's basket and Noah's Ark were thought to have been waterproofed by and asphalt material.



·         Transportation- highways, airport runways, transit system rail beds

·         Recreational- running tracks, playgrounds, racetracks, tennis courts

·         Residential- driveways, subdivision roads

·         Agricultural- cattle feed lots, poultry house floors, barn floors


Recycled Material-

Asphalt is the most recycled material in America.  More than 73 million tons of asphalt pavement material is recycled each year.  Recycling asphalt roads saves American taxpayers an estimated $300 million each year!


Use the following link to tour an asphalt plant